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Výročí SNP ve Philadelphii

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Dopis autorovi snímku Colinovi V.

Hi Colin,
I have to tell you, that a lot of people think, that the whole „Slovak uprising“ was organized by Slovaks, who collaborated with fascists, and when they saw, who is going to win the war, needed to clear their names. A lot of honest and heroic people who hated the Slovak fascist regime, and Germans, jumped to the opportunity, and lost their lives! ( While the people organising it survived…)
The whole Dukla operation caused tens of thousands of soldiers to be killed (46 000 killed, 93 000 Czech and Russian troops wounded), originally Russians planned to go through Moravia, and Hungary , but because of the uprising they had to go through the heavily fortified mountain pass Dukla and on the front line they placed the Czech battalion (formed from people who escaped to Russia after German occupation of Bohemia and Moravia), led by Czech general Svoboda. A huge number of Czechs were killed, as well as Russians, and Germans….