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Oil Made by Nature

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My attention was perked when I read in Letters to the Editors a note from Mr. Blumenthal, President and CEO of World Perspectives, in Wall Street Journal. It was about how Mother Nature created petroleum. It’s similar to what we’re trying to do with biomass as a source of energy.

The Earth created over a period of 260 million years 12 trillion barrels of oil. Over the past 100 years we’ve burned 1 trillion barrels and another trillion will be burned in next 30-40 years. The remaining 10 trillion barrels are less accessible and their extraction will be very difficult. By turning every leaf, twig, dinosaur and pterodactyl into hydrocarbons Mother Nature produced 46,153 barrels of oil every year.This is today’s daily oil consumption of Lithuania.

Trying capturing energy from the biomass we won’t be able to match petroleum’s advantage which was compounded over 260 million years. We don’t have enough time. Although carbon is abundant it has few energy containing electrons. Uranium, in the lower part of periodic table, contains more energy and should be used instead of carbon.This means, let’s build more nuclear power plants!

Milan Kalus – Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


  1. jen by mně zajímalo jak ti učení páni dojdou k takovým číslům?? A hlavně jak přesvědčivě s nimi dokáží “pracovat” a když se něco nepovede tak se “chybička vloudila”__ Jinými slovy pokud by lidé používali smi sebe k recyklaci tak máme energeticky vystaráno. Sem tam to zahrnout nebo prohodit nějakým zeleným lupením a počkat až z tho bude ropa.

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  3. Great common sense here. Wish I’d thouhgt of that.

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