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Secret Number 4: Networking with REAL LEVERAGE – Discover How to Create Trust In an Instant …

Home » Secret Number 4: Networking with REAL LEVERAGE – Discover How to Create Trust In an Instant …

This strategy, if you really get it will change the way you look at business. You’ll never need to make a cold call again! Why is it so powerful – because every sale is 80% about TRUST.

We’ve all been to those networking events where we pass around business cards, hope to meet a few good contacts and make it a profitable event. So have you ever asked yourself why networking works? Well firstly, you are meeting people who all have a common interest. You meet with other people face to face and create rapport. It’s a fantastic way of doing business. Networking does work for many businesses. There are even networking groups where business owners all get togethor and end up referring business to each other. It’s a great idea.

Now let’s you and I take this one step further.

The problem is how many people can you meet in any given event. The second problem is credibility. While you may get along, in all honesty it’s the first time you’ve ever met this person – and all of us have been burnt enough times to be a healthy skeptic about anyone we first meet unless we have a reason to believe them.

Who would you be more likely to believe?

Somebody you just met for the first time, or a recommendation from your accountant, plumber, real estate agent, etc. that you’d known for 18 years, and who has built his business on absolute integrity. I think we both know the answer to that.

So here’s how it works?

Write down the names of every business owner you know that you have built a relationship with over the years, that is in a complimentary field to you where he could refer you work.

For instance if you are an:

You could ask Solicitor / Printer / Graphic Design Firm

You could ask Beauty Salon Gymnasium Restaurant

You could ask Auto Electrician / Service Station /Sports Store

To write a letter referring business to you.

Here’s an example of a Joint Venture Letter Which Will Explode Your Profits

Hi John,

I was just thinking the other day how rare it is for a business owner to say thank you to their customers. Then it dawned on me that it’s a long time since I’ve acknowledged you for your support. After all if it wasn’t for customers like you, I wouldn’t have a business. Anyway, I have been thinking, what could I do to say “thanks”?

What I have done is this. I’ve known John Anderson from John’s Accountants for 14 years, and recently I decided to make him my accountant, and he showed me a whole range of ways I could save tax and protect my assets. John’s service is first rate, he’s been in the business for over 26 years, and he understands asset protection and taxation like no accountant I’ve ever used. I felt very comfortable in the service he offers.

So I spoke with John, and I arranged a special gift for you. You can call John at anytime on 02 9999 9999 or 0412 764 901, and arrange a consultation, valued at $249.00 at absolutely no charge. Your gift voucher is attached.

Yours truly,

Your Name

Now a letter like this will generally deliver a 5 – 10 times better conversion than if you go cold to the market, because of one factor – TRUST. You can be referred to 100, 500, 1000, 10000 people at a time. It’s unlimited … and once you’ve set it up it takes no time. Make sure you reward the business owner who refers you. After all, you are capitalizing on years of their hard work in establishing credibility with their customers. This is the ultimate way to network. Not only that. When you network, look for joint venture partners that you can cross-refer business to in this way. It’s much more leveraged than looking for individual clients. You’ll never have to make a cold call again. Use this strategy. It works.

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Scott Bywater is a professional direct response copywriter and the author of Cash-Flow Advertising. To get access to his highly prized complimentary copy of his special report ‘7 Ways To Boost Your Turnover… No Matter What The Economy’ (valued at $29.95) and a free subscription to his “Copywriting Selling Secrets” newsletter where you’ll discover how to write ads and sales letters to get people lining up and almost begging you to take their money, jump onto his web site at