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Secret Number 1: Use Leverage in every one of Your Advertisements and Sales Letters …

Home » Secret Number 1: Use Leverage in every one of Your Advertisements and Sales Letters …

It never ceases to amaze me that so many companies will invest tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in their advertising, without researching what actually works – the strategies that have been proven to work over hundreds of years. Think about it. If you’re investing a substantial amount of dollars into advertising, why wouldn’t you take the time to get it right. Yet thousands don’t. If you’d like an example of this, just pick up any yellow pages book, and you’ll find thousands of ads that look exactly like the last one. Why? Because everybody copies what’s not working. That’s why!
Let me explain ….

By far THE best way to lock people on to your ad like a kid on a mars bar, is to: USE A HEAD LINE that stops them in the street. And I’m talking about a headline that does more than tell people your business name. And one that does more than yell “JOHN’S CAR YARD!”

I’m talking about a headline which virtually slaps your potential customer in the face (in the nicest possible way of course), grabs them by the shirt and says, “Hey buddy, if you do just one thing today, make sure you spend just 60 seconds listening to what I’ve got to tell you!”

Here’s an example:

If you’re looking for a new property, don’t do anything until you read this:

Now that’s a kick butt headline – right. It grabbed your attention and gave you the desire to learn more. And that’s all a headline is meant to do.
Here’s a few more “STOP NOW AND READ THIS OR ELSE” headlines that have actually worked gangbusters. Not in theory – but in results.
– The Secret of Making People Like You
– How To Win Friends and Influence People
– Do You Make These Mistakes in English
– Everyone’s Raving About This Amazing New Shampoo
– Do You Pay Too Much Tax
– Hands That Look Lovelier in 24 Hours or your money back.
– Why some people almost always make money in the stock market.
– How I improved my memory in one evening.
– You car will sparkle like new and be worth $000’s more with the TLC touch.

You see, what the headline does is advertises your ad. Now if you don’t believe it will work, just pick up any newspaper in whatever part of the world you live in, and notice what all of the articles have – headlines. Why? Because they work. Your eye looks out for them.

Grab a copy of any Reader’s Digest. One of the most successful magazines ever. Look at the way it’s written. Notice the headlines.

Now there’s one thing you MUST understand, (and you won’t learn this from any wanky advertising agency either) – your prospect doesn’t care who you are until you show them how you can benefit them.
What does that mean … it means NO company ads at the top of your ad. No reference to how long you’ve been in business (leave that for later – after you’ve got their interest), no pretty pictures.
Commit that to memory.

Now spend 80% of your time on getting the headline right, because it will make all the difference.

(By the way, the unconventional methods I’m suggesting here may cause you to become a bit uncomfortable. That’s okay. If you want the same results as everyone else, just copy theirs. From memory, I believe the statistic is that 95% of businesses fail within the first 5 years. NO WAY … that’s not for you or me. So do you want results … or do you want pretty pictures? Results are what my methods are based on – and why you’re reading this report, aren’t you? Something else: This “unconventional” approach is also WHY ad agencies and many marketing “gurus” don’t particularly like me. It’s the sort of stuff they won’t teach you at any University Course on marketing. My ads don’t fit their mould for beautiful, sexy, award-winning creations. I don’t give stuff. I don’t enter awards.
To me, the only ad that’s worth anything is one that sells stuff – and MAKES YOU MONEY. Find me an ad agency who actually delivers results that can be measured, and then I’ll give them some respect.)

Here’s what else you need to remember:

1. The key to success lies in perpetual testing of all the variables.
2. What you say is more important than how you say it.
3. The most effective headlines appeal to the readers self interest or provide news.
4. Long headlines with a MESSAGE are more effective than short headlines that say nothing.
5. Specifics are more believable than generalities.
6. Long copy sells more than short copy.

Want proof. Here’s what Jim Howe, the owner of a carpet cleaning business, Australian Technical Cleaning in Sydney, says about a yellow pages ad I wrote for him recently:

Hi Scott,
The Yellow Pages ad you wrote for me is sensational. This time of the year, it’s usually hopeless. I am averaging 2 calls a day now, whereas from the old ad I would be lucky to get two a week – which makes it a 500% increase. My only regret is that I didn’t get you to rewrite my ad earlier. I believe that conservatively, it will double my domestic turnover. It is attracting a better class of clientele, in the 45 and over age group – the ones that don’t quibble over the price and just want a good job done. It’s not attracting the price shoppers. My conversion rate has also increased and I am getting a lot less price resistance.
Jim Howe
Australian Technical Cleaning

Isn’t this the sort of result you’re after from your advertising?

Scott Bywater –

Scott Bywater is a professional direct response copywriter and the author of Cash-Flow Advertising. To get access to his highly prized complimentary copy of his special report ‘7 Ways To Boost Your Turnover… No Matter What The Economy’ (valued at $29.95) and a free subscription to his “Copywriting Selling Secrets” newsletter where you’ll discover how to write ads and sales letters to get people lining up and almost begging you to take their money, jump onto his web site at


  1. “co říkáte je důležitější než jak to říkáte” – to slysim prvne a nechce se mi tomu verit

  2. V tom je asi ta odlišnost Scottova přístupu. Všichni tak nějak tušíme, že co říkáme JE důležitější, ale tak dlouho jsme vstřebávali, že tisíckrát opakovaná lež…. atd. Proto je většina reklamy postavena na lži – že díky kouskům ovoce v jogurtu budeme šťastnější, například. Ono to samozřejmě funguje, ne že ne, ale funguje to omezeně.

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