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Secret Number 7: Take the Fear Away From Your Customers …

Home » Secret Number 7: Take the Fear Away From Your Customers …

In any interaction, someone has to bear the risk. Now there’s a big factor, which prevents most sales from happening. What is it? FEAR!

Here’s what’s going on in the back of your customers mind.
Are they going to rip me off?
Is the quality of the product as good as they say it is?
Will they deliver on the results they are promising?

Now if you’re reading this (in fact, if you’re alive today) you are no doubt a customer of many businesses, and you’ve probably asked these questions to yourself before. And they have probably stopped you from purchasing.

So how do we get past this hurdle? It’s very simple. By guaranteeing against your customers biggest fears!
So how do you set up a guarantee:
Firstly, you need to identify what your customers primary concerns are. How? Ask them of course. Call your top 50 customers and ask them what their main fears was when deciding to se the services of your company.

Identify their top 4 fears and guarantee against all of them:
Depending on the industry, their primary fear could be:
Hairdressing: If you’re not happy with the haircut you don’t pay.
Carpet Cleaning: If your carpets don’t look better than they ever have, we’ll refund your
money in full.
Plumber: If we’re late, you don’t pay!
Cars: If you find a better price within 90 days of getting this car, show us a written quote, and we’ll beat it by 10%.

Now listen … Don’t discount the power of a guarantee. Teach your salespeople to sell with guarantees. I recently showed a client of mine how to do this. The client called up enquiring about the price of their magnets. I had a chat with him, and he said he’d think about it. I eplied by asking him what he was concerned about before proceeding. He told me his fears, hich were a) quality and b) price.
I informed him about the:

• 7 day Sneek Peek Guarantee:

If within 7 days you are not satisfied with the quality, send them back for a full refund, and the …

• Price Guarantee:

We’ll beat any other price by 10%.

• No Peel Guarantee:

If any of the magnets peel, send them back and we’ll replace them.

So what happened? He asked me to put it in writing. I did. We called back and got the sale. Too easy. Guarantees work – and they force you as a business owner to look after your customer, which is great for everybody involved. I know from experience!

Have you really been listening?
Some people will read the information above, and do nothing. I hope that’s not you. Why? Because I know that if you have read this far, you have invested the time to educate yourself. You are passionate about your business, about learning and growing. Otherwise you wouldn’t still be with me.

Let me give you a 3-step formula for ensuring your time hasn’t been wasted.
1. STOP Right Now.
2. Read the 7 Steps.
3. Pick the Step, which you feel could have the most impact on your business.
4. Start to implement it within the next 48 hours.

ACTION is the key to all of your marketing! None of this is complex.
Now Finally … Let me again show you why any one of these strategies could increase your profits by 28% in 60 days.

1. Use Leverage in Every one of your ads and sales letters:

Simply by changing the headline in your sales letters, it has been proven to improve your results by up to 1700%. Okay … obviously that doesn’t happen all the time – but do you think 35% is possible. Use these strategies and try it for yourself.

2. Measure Everything …

If you don’t increase your profits with this exercise, you will almost certainly decrease your expenses. I have saved a pest control company tens of thousands of dollars simply by eliminating advertising that wasn’t working. Re-invest that money into ads that are working and see what happens to your business.
Here’s an example. You are spending $600 a week running 3 different ads in newspapers in your local area. ($200 per ad). You measure the ads for a month and work out ad 1 is generating $500 in profits per $200 spent, ad 2 is generating a $150 loss, and ad 3 is generating $1,000 in profits. If you didn’t measure you wouldn’t know. You would have fallen into this very common business problem:
“I know that half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The problem is I don’t know which half”
Now you have the information … that is power, and the ability to be intelligent with your marketing. You drop ad 2, which saves you approximately $7,500 a year, and you keep both of the others. Then you re-invest the funds into an ad, which generates you similar results as ad 3. You run ad 3 every week for a year. Now you have generated a $50,000 profit, rather than a $7,500 loss. How’s that – $57,500 out of thin air!

3. Implement a referral program

…Need I say more? We all know the power of word of mouth marketing. What would happen if just 10% of your customers referred one additional friend per year other than what they are currently sending you? An extra 10% added to your bottom line every year with this one strategy alone!

4. Joint Venture Marketing

… Imagine you own a beauty salon. You use brochure drops to promote your business. For every 500 brochures you distribute you receive 1 booking,
costing you about $50 per booking. Now how many brochures, gift vouchers, etc. would you need to distribute through your local gym or a nearby hair salon with a recommendation letter from the owner, to get the same result. Probably around 50. Now that’s a 10 times better result. What would happen if you only got a 3 times better result?More importantly, what would happen if the marketing in your business was 3 times more effective?

5. Give Your Products Away for FREE

… This strategy alone, if used wisely could increase your conversion rate 10 fold. Just make sure it’s offered to a qualified audience.

6. Maximise the value of every single customer

… Try sending a letter and calling 100 of your existing customers with a special offer, and measure the results. You will find it to be many times more effective than marketing direct to the public.

7. Use Your Money Back Guarantee

… Try a promotion with a guarantee, and then try one without offering one at all. Measure the difference. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Now I know that you’ll agree after reading this, that if you implemented these 7 strategies, you could easily increase your profits by 28%. And if you don’t believe me, I respect that. A skeptical mind is an intelligent mind. Here’s my challenge. Over the next 90 days, implement 3 of these strategies. Measure them, test them and sell yourself on the power of effective and intelligent marketing.


Just don’t fall into the trap of ignorance, or of believing something is Bullshit just because it’s a new concept. If you do fall into this trap it could cost you tens and thousands of dollars. By the way, please feel free to get in touch with me personally should you have any questions or comments. I am based in Sydney, Australia and can be reached in the following ways:

• Email:
• Phone: 1300 88 21 91
• Fax: 02 9280 0153

All the Best,

Scott Bywater
Copywriting That SELLs


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