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Martian Colony

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On Fool’s Day, Google announced project Virgle (tongue in cheek). I read about it on internet and it doesn’t sound like a joke. As the name suggests, it is a joint venture of Virgin Group, headed by Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines, and founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

The goal of Virgle is establishment of permanent human settlement on Mars. The adventurers think that the current technology is sufficiently advanced to move beyond Earth and colonize Mars.

By 2010 they want to choose a definite site. Right now they favor Lunae planum with water and mineral deposits necessary for agriculture and industry. In 2014 they want to launch three-module spaceship in low orbit, 1,000 miles above Earth. In 2016 the module will start on the five-month long voyage to Mars. The spacecraft will spin creating artificial gravity. In 2018 Virgle City will be founded.

One hundred years from launch of Project Virgle there will be a community of 100,000 wearing no space suits, breathing through the breathers.

Adapted crops will grow in the open and industry will thrive. There will be trade with Earth through nuclear propulsion launchers sending supplies, crews and tourists back and forth. First human generation of Martians will be born.

They already published an application form for project Virgle. Our 6-month old grandson Milo
should apply now.

Milan Kalus – Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA