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Solution to Global Warming

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Milan Kalus – Santa Fe, New Mexico
I saw in the New York Times a funny picture few weeks ago. Two polar bears floating on ice are pumping sulphur into the atmosphere to make it cooler. The picture illustrated an interesting article “How to Cool the Globe” by Ken Caldeira. The story discussed what could be done to the global warming and referred to the volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991 which resulted in sulphate particles being thrown into the stratosphere. The particles reflected the sun rays back to space and the Earth briefly cooled.

If we could pour enough sulfate particles in the stratosphere, about five gallons per second, it might be enough to stabilize or cool the temperature for next 50 years. National Academy of
Sciences suggested using artillery,
rockets and aircraft exhaust. The least expensive solution would be fire hoses spraying the sulfate from the balloons.

I think the cheapest solution will be to let Nature help itself. It won’t be long before another Mount Pinatubo or Mount Saint Helen.


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