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Gourmet Cooking in Hawaii

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We went to Kahana for a course in gourmet cooking at Roy’s. It’s a chain of Hawaiian cuisine and we were there supposed to learn and prepare our own three course meal. We came in the morning to the empty restaurant but with the chefs and kitchen ready. The table was nicely set and the waiters served us coffee during the introduction by Mrs Kathleen Lin-Hurtubise, President of Gourmet Cooking and Gourmet Events Hawaii, who was in formal black dress. Her company organizes events, such as ours, in the restaurants. They also give private lessons at home by great chefs, prepare dinner parties and give tours of local farms and fish auctions.

Our menu consisted of an appetizer, Diver Scallops and Vegetable Kakaige. The Entree was Kalbi Glazed Short Ribs and Spicy Kung Pao Crispy Prawn. For dessert we’re to make Banana Cream Crisp. We received a fancy folder with menu and recipes for our meal. We put on black aprons and name tags and started cooking.

I am as remote to cooking as I am close to eating. I participated only in laying the scallops on the parchment paper with vegetables and placed them upside down in boiling oil without splashing and burning hands.

For the rest of the lesson I was taking picture and talking to the head chef who showed me the storage, walk-in refrigerator and dishwashing line. I was told that every chef practices as a dishwasher before he gets to the oven. His office was a mess, his kitchen was spic and span.

The dinner was very good and tasteful. It was supplemented with selected wines and ice cream. It seems to me that the preparation of a meal is much simpler than one might guess from the fancy names on the menu.

Milan Kalus – Santa Fe, New Mexico


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